This time it is the tutorial for Mad God Zebra from Brave Frontier. But it will be less detailed than Cardes the Malevolent Tutorial , since the process is more or less the same, you will get the idea. It is more for those who are interested on how the image develops from concept to finish.

As usual, after some inspirations, I start out with photobashing some freehand black and white painting to set the pose and composition in stone. With black and white painting, it important to know what details to put in and what to left out, details that are left out are only placed during coloring phase. Usually it is the smallest details like tattoos and extreme sharp highlights that are left until coloring stage.

During the coloring stage, i often use the “color” layer type in photoshop, not “softlight” or “overlay” type as they always changes the values of the base image. And it is also important to not that no matter how neat you make the black and white base image, you can’t just apply colors using transparent layers only, otherwise the colors would appear washed out and flat, we must always add opaque painting on top of it to give more color variant. After most of the colors are placed then we put it finishing touches like lighting and highlights, which will result like the image below.


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